Cumbiamba La Gigantona's History.


Founded by Horacio de Caro Carbonell, better known as “OREJITA” (Small Ear in Spanish), now deceased, who joined with Esther Elguedo in 1952 at the ‘Hospital Alley’; in the popular and historic San Roque neighborhood in the city of Barranquilla, in order to create the biggest and most beautiful cumbiamba that the Barranquilla Carnival has had in its history. The Cumbiamba La Gigantona.

First of all, a cumbiamba is a group of people who meet to dance Cumbia, Colombia´s most representative dance and one of the most important manifestations of the Barranquilla Carnival.

Note: This video was recorded in 2018, so it speaks of 18 Congos of Gold (The most importar prize the carnival’s contest give to winners). In 2019 we won the Congo of Gold # 19. For the reason that we are preparing for the Congo of Gold # 20, this year we celebrate the 20th years of the Return of La Gigantona to the Barranquilla Carnival.

Also in 1999 La Gigantona was rescued by Germán Álvarez Cabrera, Director of the Cumbiamba, and who for his career and commitment to tradition was named King Momo of the Barranquilla Carnival 2017.

Achievements, awards and special shows


Being the second oldest cumbiamba of the Barranquilla Carnival, a consecutive winner of nineteen (19) ‘Congo de Oro’, Cumbiamba La Gigantona proposes as a purpose the conservation and dissemination of our traditional dances, and as objectives: To create a culture of respect for our roots, to promote the dissemination and conservation of the native values ​​of our folklore and to create cumbia training spaces at organizations, schools and community in general.

La Cumbia Une a los Pueblos Carnaval de Barranquilla

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Memories of some of our best moments


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Your support is very important


The Cultural and Folk Association La Gigantona is a Non-Profit Entity legally registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Barranquilla and the Department of National Taxes and Customs.

One of our objectives is the preservation of cumbia as an important element of our culture and the culture of humanity, because the Barranquilla Carnival, and its manifestations (including the cumbia) were declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation and Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, titles granted by the Congress of the Republic of Colombia and by UNESCO respectively.

Our main source of financing is the contributions or donations made by people like you in the personal name or on behalf of a company.

To collect donations we use the secure PayPal platform with which you can make transactions online using your credit or debit cards without sharing your financial information.

Keep in mind that in Colombian tax regulations there is a benefit for people or companies that make donations: They can earn discounts on the payment of income tax equivalent to 25% of the value of their donations.

With your contribution you help us to:

  • Participate in the parades of Battle of Flowers, Great Tradition Stop and Calle 84 in the Cumbiódromo de la Vía 40.
  • Participate in the parade of Guacherna.
  • In other carnivals and events such as The Parade of the Great Scribble Caribbean Region in Baranoa and The Great Departmental Folklor Parade in Galapa.
  • Maintain the seedbed of cumbiamberos with The Little Giants of La Gigantona.
  • Hold the international meeting La Cumbia Joins LosPueblos.
Thank you for your support to Colombia’s and humanity’s culture. 
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